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Anonymous asked:

You're not one of those people who posts stuff like that on purpose to get anon hate are you? I'm only on anon because I'm afraid you're gonna put more stuff like that in my submit, please tell me you're not, I followed you on DA because you were one of the few decent MLP artists I found there

Nah, I only did it to see what would happen. Unlikely to do it again (on this account at least)






"The Fuss"

My sister helped me make this, she’s been a graphics designer for 11 years.

The image explains everything you need to know. I will be reposting this regularly to get it in the trending tags. Please reblog!

Oh no. Please. Whatever you do. Don’t raid /mlp/ with porn, we beg you. Anything but that. 

>These people are actually serious



>pulling off anything successful

I need to call NASA for the location of my sides.

>Bravo team will raid SFW boards with porn

Such fiendish fiendishness these internet warriors are planning! How utterly malevolent! Diabolical, even! Maniacal!

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